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Japanese Nunome Zogan - 3day Workshop

There are still some space
available to sign up!!

                                        Nunome Zogan (cloth texture                                                   overlay) is one of the traditional                                                 Japanese inlay techniques. History                                           of the Japanese Nunome inlay                                                  technique begins from Damascus,                                           Syria. The technique, called            

                                       “Damascene,” came through the                                              Silk Road into Japan. The most                                                  common Nunome zogan process uses gold or silver foil on steel or iron. In this class, you will be learning School Nunome zogan. This technique is inlaying onto non-ferrous metal, such as silver, brass, or Japanese copper alloy (Shibuichi and Shakudo) instead of steel; however, the process can be used on steel. This class will start out making your own Nunome chisel and a hammer handle. Traditional Japanese patina process will also be covered. Great for the beginner and experienced maker alike, this class covers the basics, but also offers the opportunity for skill refinement for more advanced students. This class requires a $200 materials fee to be paid on the first day of class

  • Date: Jan. 6th-8th, 2023 (9am-5pm Each Day) 

  • Fee: $400

  • Place: Desert Metal Craft 

  • Register @ DMC Website

Holiday Closing Date

Momokoya will be closed from December 15, 2022 and reopen on January 3, 2023. If you place an order during this time, your package will be shipped on Jan. 3rd. 

Please make sure to order accordingly.

Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

Important Notice about Momokoya Video

Currently, Momokoya's step-by-step videos are available to purchase at Vimeo website. From January 20th, 2023, it will switch the host from Vimeo to Momokoya(this website). I am working on creating the video page so you can purchase the videos on 

According to Vimeo, you will still have access to the videos that you purchased. However, if you encounter any issues, please email me and I can give you the promo code to re-download. On the email, please make sure to write your name, date of your purchase and the name of the video you purchased.

I apologize this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 

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