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Japanese Nunome Zogan - 3day Workshop

Nunome Zogan (cloth texture overlay) is one of the traditional Japanese inlay techniques. History of the Japanese Nunome inlay technique begins from Damascus, Syria. The technique, called “Damascene,” came through the Silk Road into Japan. The most common Nunome zogan process uses gold or silver foil on steel or iron. In this class, you will be learning School Nunome zogan. This technique is inlaying onto non-ferrous metal, such as silver, brass, or Japanese copper alloy (Shibuichi and Shakudo) instead of steel; however, the process can be used on steel. This class will start out making your own Nunome chisel and a hammer handle. Traditional Japanese patina process will also be covered. Great for the beginner and experienced maker alike, this class covers the basics, but also offers the opportunity for skill refinement for more advanced students. This class requires a $200 materials fee to be paid on the first day of class

  • Date: Jan. 6th-8th, 2023 (9am-5pm Each Day) 

  • Fee: $400

  • Place: Desert Metal Craft 

  • Register @ DMC Website

Japanese Inlay Workshop - 3day Workshop

Delve into the art of Japanese inlay. In this fast-paced workshop, you will begin by creating your own set of specialized Japanese metal inlay chisels. Then explore the process of Japanese dot inlay(Ten-zogan) and line inlay (Sen-zogan) and gain skills using various Japanese alloys such as Shibuichi. Traditional patination process (Ni-iro) will be covered. Great for beginners and experienced makers alike, this class covers basics, but also offers the opportunity for skill refinement.

• Date: Nov. 18th-20th 2022 (9am-5pm Each Day)

• Fee: $875

• Place: Desert Metal Craft 

• Register @ DMC Website

   Tuition includes but is not limited to:

     • Otafuku Hammer (imported from Japan)

     • Blank Chisels x 3• Shibuichi sheet- Nami-Shibuichi (1.5mm) & Kuro-Shibuichi (1.2mm) -(imported from Japan)

     • Fine silver wire 22ga. (1ft)

     • Copper wire 22ga. (1ft)

     • Copper sheet 18ga.

     • Drill bit (#72/ 22ga.)

     • Handmade Japanese Black Pitch on wooden board

     • Japanese Patination materials

Copper Cup Making

Copper’s malleability and attractive color make it ideal for forging, especially in the summer months when a using a 2,000-degree forge (which steel requires) can make shop work a test of endurance. Copper lends itself to forging items as diverse as cookware, belt buckles and knife sheaths, as well as amulets, bracelets and necklaces. A quick heat treatment with a small flame source creates a rainbow of temper colors and creates a vintage patina.

  • Oct. 22nd 2022 (3pm-7pm)

  •  April 14th 2023 (5pm-9pm)


• Workshop Fee: $225

• Place: Desert Metal Craft 

• Register @ DMC Website