Japanese Metal Inlay Workshop 2021


Take this amazing opportunity to learn the traditional Kaga-style inlay technique!

"Kaga" is a region in the Ishikawa Prefecture. Kaga-style inlay became a famous technique of the Kaga region. The students in this workshop will learn traditional Japanese inlay techniques used to create intricate graphic patterns of dots, lines, and shapes.

The focus will be on learning to apply this decorative inlay and create a

pendant applique using a Japanese alloy metal. Each pendant top will be

finished with Niiro, a traditional Japanese coloring technique for metal alloy. 

For more information, go to workshop page. 


Since March 2021, Japan Postal Service has started international air shipments with weight limitations. It is still challenging to ship metal tools and materials from Japan, however,  Momokoya is now stocking up some of the products that was "out of stock".  Due to this postal service change, there are some price changes on most of the products.  I appreciate your understanding.

Please continue to make sure to see the √ mark next to the products name. √ mark indicates that the products are in stock in the U.S. office and available to ship within the U.S.   Thank you for your continued support. 

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