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Japanese metal alloy

Types of Alloy

Shibuichi : mixture of silver(Ag) + copper(Cu)

• Shibuichi Black  -  Ag 10% : Cu 90%

• Shibuichi Basic  -  Ag 30% : Cu 70%

• Shibuichi Gray   -  Ag 40% : Cu 60%

• Shibuichi White -  Ag 60% : Cu 40%

Currently Available Alloy Sheet & Wire 

Please call or email for alloy order. Online purchase is not available. 

                    <Sheet Metal>

Minimum order size 5cm x 5cm square

• Shibuichi Black(10%Ag)

      5cm x 5cm square 1.2mm thick - $30 √

                    <Metal Wire>

Minimum order wire length 50cm

• Shibuichi Black Wire

     0.6mm - $6   √

     0.8mm - $10   √

• Shibuichi Basic (25%Ag)Wir

     0.8mm - $17   √

Special Order

All the Japanese metal alloy that momokoya carries are manufactured in Japan. It may take up to 2 -3months from getting estimate to ship to your place.

Please order accordingly.

※Prices varies by the date of silver and gold market place.

    Please contact us to get an estimate before placing order.

※Please read Payments, Return & Cancellation Policy on Special Order Below

Various size and thickness of sheet and wire available.

Please use matrix system!


Order example 1:                                        Order example 2 :

  <Sheet>                                                       <Wire>

• Alloy type : Shibuichi Black                     • Alloy type : Shibuichi 25%

• H x W : 10cm x 10cm                               • Thickness : 0.6mm

• Thickness : 1mm                                         • 4 meter

• 1 sheet

Payments, Return & Cancellation Policy


All Special Order products must be paid in advance before the item is ordered from the manufacturer or other supplier. If a price is subject to increase while the Special Order is pending and the price increase is passed through to Momokoya, the customer acknowledges that the customer is liable for the increase in price, even if the customer believed the item was paid in full prior to the Special Order being placed.


Returns and Exchanges on Special Order products are non-returnable and non-refundable. If a product is not the product that you ordered, Momokoya will either replace the product or give you a full refund if you notify within 5 days of product arrival confirmation email from Momokoya. Storage fees, if any, must still be paid even if the Special Order is not the product you ordered. 


If Momokoya is able to cancel the Special Order with the manufacturer or other supplier without incurring any fees or expenses, the customer may cancel the Special Order and receive a full refund. If Momokoya incurs fees or expenses to cancel the Special Order, including but not limited to, shipping charges, finance charges, or restocking fees, Momokoya shall deduct these fees and expenses from any refund amount. Momokoya is under no obligation to cancel an order that has already shipped from the manufacturer or supplier or if the expenses of cancelling the Special Order would exceed the purchase price paid by the customer for the Special Order product.

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