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Momoko Okada


Owner/ Metalsmith / Mixed Media Artist & Teacher

Momoko was born and raised on a dairy farm in Hokkaido, Japan.

Her life on the farm with animals and surrounded by the untouched nature is all philosophically essential to her own art and ambition. 

She began studying metalsmithing and mixed media art in the U.S. and the U.K. Then she started to realize that the importance of her Japanese heritage and began studying traditional Japanese metals techniques at Kanazawa College of Art, Ishikawa, Japan where she received M.F.A.  She also studied under Kazuo Kashima, 5th generation of Kashima-style Nunome inlay master. 

She has been showing her work around the world and won various awards. Her work can be seen on “500 Metal Vessels” and " Lapidary Journal (2020 April)". 

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