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Lessons & Workshops

Inlay Workshop 2021

Take this amazing opportunity to learn the traditional Kaga-style inlay technique!

"Kaga" is a region in the Ishikawa Prefecture. Kaga-style inlay became a famous technique of the Kaga region. The students in this workshop will learn traditional Japanese inlay techniques used to create intricate graphic patterns of dots, lines, and shapes. The focus will be on learning to apply this decorative inlay and create a pendant appliqué using a Japanese alloy metal.

Each pendant top will be finished with Niiro, a traditional Japanese coloring technique for metal alloy. 


Desert Metal Craft

This is a 3-day workshop. Start out to create a set of your own inlay chisels then learn the process of dot, line and shape inlay. Then create your own simple pattern inlay pendant top.

Date : October 22,23 & 24 / 9-5pm

Where: Desert Metal Craft

Fee: $875  (This price includes all the tools and materials you will need for this workshop. For detail of tool list, please click Register HERE below)

Register HERE

Arizona Designer Craft & Art

This is a 2-day workshop.  Create your own simple pattern inlay pendant top.

Date: November 13 & 14 / 9-5pm

Where: Xerocraft 

Fee: $240 (This price does NOT include tool kit for this workshop. Additional cost will apply)

Register HERE

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Inlay Works.jpg

   Private Lesson   

I can either visit your studio in Tucson area or you come to my studio. If I come over to your studio, traveling time will be added to the price. Before the session, we will set up the schedule (time & date) and go over the materials and tools via email.  

Those prices do not include tools and material price. Please make sure to purchase before the session starts.

Students who are taking this class will receive 10% off of Momokoya tools and materials.

Price: $40/hr.  

or Package deal:  $300/8 hours 

  You decide!  Once a week session for 2 hour each for 4 weeks? Use up all 8 hours in one day? 

Please pick which technique you are interested in learning.

 • Kaga Zogan Technique: Various inlay chisel making process to basic inlay technique.

 • School Nunome Zogan Technique: Hammer handle making, School Nunome chisel making and basic technique.

 • Kashima Nunome Zogan Technique: Hammer handle making, Kashima Nunome chisel making and basic technique.

 • Other: Japanese Niiro process, pitch making process and more.

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