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Momoko Okada

Metalsmith & Mixed Media Sculptor

Life is a mystic energy that flows around us like a dance.  All organisms in nature share this energy and we are all interconnected. The cycle of the sun and the moon, the breath of the tides, the systole and diastole of the heartbeat, and the expansion and contraction of the lungs-this rhythm create a harmonious synchronization. 


During my process of metalsmithing, the simple rhythm of the hammer synchronizes with my heartbeat.  The sound waves bounces back and forth, creating a harmony between the piece and myself.

I create imaginary life forms to be a part of our harmonic synchronization and symbiotic peace. 


Trees, especially, are objects of my veneration, and imagery: their power of growth, and the persistent energy of their roots, inspires me to grow. Taking nature as my guide, I feel responsible for contributing my energy to transform this precious place, just as nature gives and accepts effortlessly.

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